your guide to

Requited Bliss

A luxury vacation home fully equipped for a five star experience.


Always on call

Arnfield & Mary Cudal


wifi password



Important numbers

Emergency – 911

Non-emergency police – (561)822-1900

MD Now – (561)804-4327, 2606 S Dixie Hwy, Open 8-8

Key Lockbox

The key will be in a lockbox on the front door when you arrive. Code will be texted to you before your arrival.

A/C thermostats

There are 3 A/C thermostats. Press up/down to select temperature. For best results set all 3 to the same temp.


  • 1st thermostat: east hall – cools the front of the house &  two east bedrooms.
  • 2nd thermostat: behind master bedroom door – cools the master bedroom & living room. 
  • 3rd thermostat: behind closet in back room -cools upstairs & kitchen.

Beach chairs

2 beach chairs are in the hall closet. When going to Lake Worth Beach, just rent them.

clean sheets and towels

Clean sheets and towels are always available upon request.


Daily housekeeping is available upon request. We can pre-arrange a set time or I can simply be “on-call”. Usually takes one to two+ hours. 

Pre-arrival groceries

If you would like grocery service please text/email me one day before your arrival with your list. Grocery costs can be reimbursed via cash or smart pay.

Herbs & spices

Herbs, spices, candles, napkins, paper plates, etc, can be found in the hutch to the left of the fireplace and also in the server under the large mirror.

Small appliances

Blender, coffee maker, water kettle, and mixer in laundry closet cupboard.


  • Master headboard ambient lighting: Switch under headboard will turn ambient lights on/off.
  •  Outdoor lighting: on at dusk & off at 1 AM.
  • Cupola feature: use push button to turn on/off cupola light – far right of four switches by laundry room door.

Pool fountains

Turn pool fountains off & on at pool equipment dial marked “FOUNTAIN” turn to match red arrows.


 Use the AT&T remote. Press input repeatedly until you reach Chromecast.

Find Chromecasting symbol on your mobile device, select location (master bedroom, living room, loft) and activate Chromecast.

To return to TV press input for TV.   (Loft: Chromecast only, no Cable.)

Living room remote controls

TV: Use At&t remote to turn on TV and change channels. Turn Bose system on w/ white remote then Select TV on white remote to hear sound through Bose system.

Chromecast your Smart Device: Turn TV on and press INPUT repeatedly to select Chromecast. Turn Bose system on w/ white remote then Select TV on white remote to hear sound through Bose system.

Your Smart Device w/ BOSE: Use COMSOON Bluetooth; select J22 on Bluetooth settings; Turn Bose system on; press AUX on BOSE remote to adjust volumn.

Ceiling Fans

  • Living room – use pull chain
  • Master bedroom- use white remote for off/low/med
  • Bedrooms-use push pad on wall for low/med/high/off


Washer: Touch Power. Make your selection. Touch Start. 

Dryer: Power on. Make selection. Push Start


Please be sure the ice door is closed after dispensing ice. It tends to stay open causing ice to form on the dispenser.

Kitchen Exhaust

Please use exhaust vent above stove when cooking and frying.

Pool heater/LIGHTS

Pool heated to 85 (summer) 88 (winter)

Turn pool light on/off with switch in large electrical box across from pool pump.


Use the long stem clicker fire-lighter to start the grill. Fire-lighter is located in the bottom kitchen drawer, left of stove. Start each burner separately by reaching the lighter stem through grate to burner. Turn each dial individually to allow gas to flow. Extra propane tank by gate. Do not move red dial on propane tank.

French door locks

To open: Top dead bolt is turned to the right. Bottom lock is turned to the left.