your guide to

Casa Coco

A fully equipped vacation home to offer a five star experience.


always on call

Arnfield & Mary Cudal


wifi password


Important numbers

Emergency – 911

Non-emergency police – (561)822-1900

MD Now – (561)804-4327, 2606 S Dixie Hwy, Open 8-8

Open Front Door

Turn the key to the right until the door pops open. Front door locks automatically so don’t lock yourself out🙂. Best to leave it slightly ajar while going in and out with your things.


Daily housekeeping is available upon request. We can pre-arrange a set time or I can simply be “on-call”. Usually takes one hour.

indoor lights

The panel of light switches by the living room doorway: Left –  light/fan in the living room. Middle – fireplace lights. Right – light/fan in the sunroom. Hold down the “Light” button to dim. 


Lock French Doors

Lift firmly up on the right handle to lock upper deadbolt, then turn lock.


The fountain is on from 8 AM to 10 PM but will turn off if the water is too low. Feel free to use the hose to add water.

Remote Controls

Living room TV:

Use ATT remote, press Input to select HDMI 1 for Cable TV 

Press Input to select HDMI 2 for Chromecast (for casting from your smart device).

Use Samsung remote, press Source to select TV to use the Smart TV options.


Bose sound system

To play a CD: Select DVD.

Your smart device can be used on Bose sound system: use the plug-in provided and select TAPE.


We put large trash bin out Monday & Thrusday nights.

Pool heater is 88 in winter

Please use hood vent when cooking

use firelighter IN KITCHEN HUTCH to start Gas Grill

Please empty dryer lint vent

close windows & doors when AC is on

Landscape Lighting dusk to 1